Monday, 27 October 2008

Dagenham - a special place close to our hearts...

It was a Sunday evening, the weekend was dragging and darkness had arrived early upon the Just Do It Guides sales team. It was a few days since the last sale, and realisation was setting in for the Sales force, consisting of two former IT Support Experts turned Video Producers that a mountain had to be climbed, and they had to learn fast.

We had this magical vision, blinded by naivety that the whole population would be queuing up to by our DVD, a product they`d never seen or never heard of. We were over confident, but without it we would never had managed to produce a full 6 hour DVD set, so perhaps it was a blessing. With many things planned, with the help of the amazing FRS Marketing, confidence had dropped but was still high.

Then, suddenly a ding and an order on Amazon!! Excitement was suppressed until it was confirmed the order was not a friend or family member, but a wonderful man we will never meet. Unless of course we sell a bundle, in which case we`ll take him out for a big slap up meal.

This order means a lot at this stage, a real boost, we just hope we get some good feedback. A gloomy weekend, with a brighter end.

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