Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fulfillment By Amazon

We took the decision before Christmas to send a stock into Amazon, who will store it in their warehouse, take the orders then pick and pack. A fantastic solution, as it offered the customer free delivery.

We sent in a stock of 101, as a full rebate for the first 100 was payable by Amazon. After commision and fees was taken into consideration, the difference in margin was negliable between us doing the despatching, and Amazon doing it. The process was fairly painless, with Thomas from Amazon doing a fantastic job for us. From sending the stock by recorded post, to moving our DVD to fulfilled by Amazon about a week had elapsed.

Once we changed via our online interface, any future orders were to be picked, packed and despatched by Amazon, meaning our input was nothing. We still stock the DVD using our own shop front end and telephone number.

This was all achieved before Christmas, and now it`s Post Xmas (hoorah) we can report back with a sales increase, we believe. So, thanks to Amazon I`d say, and we were so well looked after even though we a small setup.

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