Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Grass Roots Football Experience

Back in October 2008, I had a meeting in a pub with Dave Roberts. Earlier in the week Dave had contacted me with an idea, to produce a Grass Roots Football DVD like no other. I am an F.A qualified coach and help run a Mini Football team and he wanted me, with my experience to help write scripts, arrange mock games, set up football drills, fun sessions and so much more that if I listed it all now I would be here a week!

Any way, 9 months later (July 2009) we are now in a position where the finishing touches are being made and we will hopefully be sending off the master copy for replication in the next 4 weeks :0)

This has been a fantastic journey, it has been hard work but has been a very enjoyable experience. It has been such a learning curve for me, but working along side Dave Roberts & Dave Murdoch who now have the know how and expertise in DVD production has made all the difference.

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