Sunday, 20 May 2012

First Aid DVD successes at Safety & Health Expo.

It was wonderful meeting lots of new customers, and past ones who praised how good our First Aid DVD has been. 'the best first aid dvd there is' said Willie, 'brilliant dvd, use it all the time' said Brian. Our position was right by the only entrance at the Expo, so there was a massive rush of interest at opening time. The first sales completed by 10:09, and soon followed by an amazing interest, especially in our Internet based First Aid training options.

Ian Kershaw from FOFATO joined us, and explained to many about the forthcoming HSE changes in regulation of First Aid training.

We learnt from the 3 days that our dvd, and internet based elearning first aid options are a perfect solution for all sizes of companies. We have some corporates very interested in taking our online versions, and we will be setting them up in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us, we smashed all records for selling, so a bigger thanks further to everyone who loved what they saw, and picked up a bargain.

If you would like your own refresher training solution for your First Aiders, then you can join the hundreds of others who are using it on a regular basis. Click here to buy from Amazon now.  

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