Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Another day, another lesson learnt

What have we learnt today? – Apart from the obvious, that people aren’t queuing up to buy our DVD – The money we have spent on print advertising has shown no returns. Someone once said “half the money we spend on advertising is wasted, problem is we don’t know which half” That about sums it up.

There was much excitement in the office today, not because we turned the heating on for the first time, but because we got another sale that was not from one of the 3Fs (Friends, Family & Fools). It is our second sale from Yorkshire. Obviously they have very discerning taste.

We put the wheels in motion today for our advice day for computer novices at the Cornerstone arts centre in Didcot on the 29th of November. We are having problems thinking of a title for the day…if anyone thinks of one that we like they could be in line for a free DVD.

We had a tour of the Cornerstone and what a great building it is, not just the theatre where the acoustics are tremendous and the seating very versatile and cunningly hides away when not required, but the available meeting rooms and dance studio are extremely light and airy and all the staff are friendly and helpful. It deserves to be well supported by the local community. If you live in the Didcot area have a look at what is on and pay them a visit. There is such a variety of performances that you are bound to find something that is to your taste.

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