Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Mixed results so far...

Our illusions have been vapourised, we focused totally on the creation process of the DVD and assumed the DVD would just fall off the shelves. This has not happened, and at times we`ve become downhearted, but still upbeat.

We now know, if you are a new company it`s hard to get started on the Marketing front, your customers have to trust you first and the only way is to get out there and meet them. If you are shy or worried about meeting people, then employ someone to do the public meeting or be really brave. A great product (which we are confident we have) will not automatically sell as we assumed it would, we advertised in 2 local publications and got zero orders. But, we are going to try all avenues of Marketing, and next up is the Oxford Mail with a bolder advert and fresh approach. We will report back with our verdict.

It has been for sale on for 3 weeks, no sales, no watchers and only a couple of views. My wife who has a high rating (500) put on a copy, and she also didn`t sell, but she got a lot of views. Amazon has given us more success, we joined Amazon Merchants Pro and have had 3 orders which we deem a success. It costs £25 a month so we are only just breaking evens, but we`re hopeful our adverts mentioning Amazon will give people the confidence.

We have booked the Cornerstone in Didcot to have a Beginners' Computing Clinic, where we can listen to peoples computer problems and demonstrate the DVD & Website. We are hopefully being more public facing will kick start the sales.

We have 1000 flyers now from Vistaprint, and will start distributing these via friends and the excellent Sunkoshi Restaurant in Didcot, if you`re ever passing then go see Roshan and tell him Dave Roberts sent you.

What we didn`t know 3 months ago - Marketing is everything, and requires total commitment and much time. We will report back hopefully in months to come with a winning formula, for all those wishing to create and market their own DVD.

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