Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen...we got em...

It was 11 months of mental perspiration and self motivation that had driven us this far, but it was Dave`s Honda Civic negotiating the burnt out car smouldering on the hard shoulder of the M40 that was driving us on today.

We were en route to London, near Wembley to be slightly more precise. Reaching the DVD replication stage created a new problem due to our beginners' status - how do we master and replicate ? Help was at hand, an email to the ever helpful Nigel Cooper at brought back an instant response of 'use the VDC Group, one of the 3 reliable replication houses in the country'. After becoming confused with all the un-helpful information returned via a Google search, I decided to email VDC, and they responded within 30 minutes, with a very helpful and understanding manner which carried on all throughout the procedure.

As we were first timers, and only placing a small order we expected a low end of service but how wrong we were, a 1st class service, if you need CD or DVD replication we highly recommend the VDC Group, all the staff were fantastic. James Rowsell deserves a special mention for his patient, friendly and perfect example of how to look after your customers. Big pat on the back James, many thanks, even after handing them incorrect artwork and wrong tapes (basically, it all had to be re-created) he guided us onto success!! And a big thanks to Mike Seaman for the tour around the engine room, where the DVDs are created, it should be on your 50 things to do before you die list!

The boxes were loaded into the Civic, we said our thanks and goodbyes and headed home, eager to have a peep but we resisted till back in the office.

There was almost some emotion on our faces as we amazed over the wrapped up disc set, it was our work, perfectly crafted by VDC Group ready to sell, but too good to open!! We had arrived on the scene, all we had to do now, was sell them!!!

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Icopy247 said...

at last finally you deserved your cd printing and packaging for what you looked for !!!