Friday, 17 October 2008

Order in the office ...

A explosion hit the office as the first order came through the website. It quickly extinguished when we realised it was a family member, but none the less, Graham Roberts from Newark goes down in history as Just Do It Guides very 1st customer, hopefully many more will follow.

The DVD was weighed, 78p for 1st class Royal Mail and it was hastily removed from our view, ready for its journey north.

Arriving less than 24 hours later, Graham, who doesn`t get much post couldn`t contain his excitement "I`ve always been proud of my brother, for taking the plunge and wanted to support him and Dave for their great idea. Not understanding computers myself, it was a product designed for me, but I`m going to take my time going through the whole 6 hours. I think it`s great, but then again I`ve got to say that."

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