Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Replicate, replicate...

After many hours struggling with the extreme temperatures in the office, and experiencing something more damaging than El Nino - Codec & Render Hell we achieved success. We had a slight issue, what started out as a 2 hour DVD, ended up as 6 hours. It was to be two dual layer, DVD9 discs with a 16 page booklet, shopping list and form all nicely packaged.

Nigel Cooper from (great site for anything about video making, equipment etc) recommended us to VDC Group in London, who are the top DVD or CD Replication house in the country, so we embarked on learning a new lingo. Do you understand about EAN13, DDP, CMF,CMYK, CSS,IPR or even Document Bleed ? No ? Well, nor did we. Luckily for us, the VDC Group have been bloody great to us, can`t praise them enough, it must be frustrating to have novices like us!!

We dropped off four lovely LTO tapes as masters, and drove off rejoicing at our accomplishment, only to be told a few days later we`d supplied the wrong format tapes, and they couldn`t use them. Heads dropped in the office, silence broken by Dave`s feeble plea for a strong coffee. We hadn`t read the manual, so, after a quick glance at what we should have been doing, in preference to us knowing best we despatched the correct format for the masters, and made minor adjustments to the artwork.

Time after was tense, any email or phone call greeted with apprehension and some and freezing of all reflexes for a second or two.

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