Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A year on, where we are now...

A year has flown past, it started as an idea, an unrealistic aim by us, Dave Murdoch & Dave Roberts. From wild idea conceived in the White Hart Public House, Harwell Village to the VDC Group in London for replication of 1000 DVD sets.

We were kindly made redundant by a Blue Chip company after 50 joint years slaving in IT Support. Our minds craved more than fixing blue screens of death, login issues, printers failing and constant complaints about system performance, oh and of course the laptop that died thousands of miles away, and it was our fault!! If you`ve worked in IT Support, you know what I mean.

So, I did some brilliant filming courses at the OFVM in Oxford, read and learnt in work`s time so I was up to speed for my Video Production company (Concept Filming). My plan, a foolish one was to take on the BBC guys with heaps of experience with a Corporate Fronting company offering top flight production. It was then my ex-boss called me an irresponsible parent of two young children. His suggestion ? Why not use old and new skills ?

With not knowing what was to follow, off we went to script all the essentials of Everyday Home Computing. A brain storming lesson lasting 3 days, then 4 weeks of scripting gave us 16,000 words, about 50 lessons, lots of graphics and video examples. Was it possible ?

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