Friday, 5 December 2008

Look in the Mirror, you`ll see success!!

Last Friday (28th) November, what we thought was a prank caller asked to buy our DVD after seeing it featured in the Daily Mirror. We placed the order, thanked him very much and put the phone down. Twenty minutes later, another prank call, or so we thought. The caller explained somebody had written into the Credit Crunch section of the Mirror, and said how good the DVD was, especially as she was an OAP.

We got excited, very excited by lunch after 6 further orders, and they were coming every 30 minutes. We found out the person who wrote in bought the DVD back at the start of November and had obviously spent time learning, and was kind enough to take the effort to let everyone else know.

We purchased a Mirror to check, and there we were, about 5 lines with our Phone number clearly written, a dream come true. Orders continued, and despatching was hasty amongst much back slapping.

To date, the Credit Crunch section has gained us 25 orders, and even today, 7 days after print we have had two further orders. We have since contacted the person in question, and thanked them very much. A real boon, and after much paid advertising reaped nothing a real refreshing change.

Thank you to our Mirror writer, if you ever read this message.

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