Saturday, 29 November 2008

Didcot Street Fair Experience

Cold but the rain generally held off for us. With over 15,000 people attending we knew this would be a great opportunity to show off the DVD and meet our customers.

We setup the DVD on our stall directly outside Sainsburys, and fired up the Generator and UPS. Next door the waft of doughnuts was unbearable with empty stomachs, with Dave and Lindsay giving in and taking delivery of a chocolate variety. Passing trade was good, with the DVD playing it gave them a quick glance of what the DVD offered. We laid out the flyers for the DVD and Website on the table, and handed out to all those who showed any interest.

The cold air was bearable, and there was a great carnival atmosphere in the streets of Didcot, held every year the Didcot Street Fair is a wonderful experience, organised by Jeanette Howse and the Didcot Chamber of Commerce.

We had lots of interest in the product, even though it wasn`t totally relevant for the event and we are pleased with our selling of 3 DVDs and lots of interest.

A lot of effort went into the selling and setting up, but at just £29 a stall it was cost effective, and would recommend this just to get exposure and get a feeling for what the customer would like.

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