Thursday, 12 August 2010

First Aid DVD - A Comprehensive Guide

Inspired by a news article in the local paper, Just Do It Guides joined forces with local Company A1 Group, a First Aid Training provider based in Kidlington. Dave Roberts met Mike Foster whilst doing voluntary work with the Didcot Chamber of Commerce. A plan was hatched in January 2010, and after numerous planning meetings, Mike scripted the basis of the First Aid Guide.

Covering all aspects of First Aid, from Heart Attack to Croup, Basic Life Support to Analphyactic Shock filming started in March, and carried on until April, when the busy job of editing all the footage together started. Voice overs were recorded, and layed onto the DVD, and gradually it took shape.

After 5 months of hard work, 7 versions and viewings by Nuco and the Association of First Aiders to check for accuracy, the DVD was sent to the VDC group for replication.

The DVD was released at the beginning of June 2010. Initial reviews were good, and sales immediate.

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