Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Amazon starts to flow...

Our Everyday Home Computing DVD has been on sale now for 4 weeks. We are pleased, and quietly confident we are in a good situation.

At the weekend, we got an order which was despatched to a location just a few miles from an earlier sale so a repeat, word of mouth recommendation. Fantastic news for us. Amazon has proved a great success, at £25 a month it is great value to us, it gives the buyer confidence and the majority of our sales are channeled through here. Two adverts in the Oxford Mail gave us no immediate sales, but we are hopeful for a knock on effect at the Didcot Street Fair, and our 1st Computer Clinic.

We realise the way forward is to go and meet the public, and we have organised a one day Free Computer Clinic to all in Didcot, at the Cornerstone on Saturday 29th November. Here, we will demo the DVD and website, and discuss their requirements. Our 1st impressions of advertising are negative, but realise that advertsing alone will not make the sales, it`s in combination with promotional work, Press Releases, Internet publicity, flyers and the best method, word of mouth.

We will report back on the success of the Postcard flyers and Press Releases which are coming up. And we are preparing for our 1st outing to meet our adoring public.

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