Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Spreading our wings...some success

We`ve just suffered our longest run without an order, 4 days. A very long and distressing period, we realised during this time how demoralised people can become, but most importantly though keep your head up, it happens. You can learn new skills from a book, DVD or web page on any subject, but Sales & Marketing is the most mysterious of them all. It almost feels as if the population is against you, and is deliberately not helping because of a reason unknown.

Each day with no order feels dark, but it is euphoria when dark is replaced by this huge plume of magnificent light in the form of an email from Amazon, that starts - "Sold, Despatch now....". It provides such a lift and reinforcing of the confidence that success is possible, but with time. Never ever expect the buying public to rush, we are all in that boat. Analyze yourself, then you realise rash purchases are rarely done.

We then progressed to sell one to Blewbury, on the Monday a copy to York which was bought via the Didcot Railway Centre newsletter, an ad that cost £7.50, the 2nd sale from there. An Amazon sale to Guernsey gave us a problem, we didn`t have the island on our map of Great Britain, so it went on the door!. We have learnt that more dedicated publications can pull in greater readership loyalty, meaning better sales.

After 4 days without a sale, 36 hours gave us 5! We were overwhelmed and rejuvenated. The best news being a sale situated a mere 5 miles from a previous Amazon purchase two weeks previous. Again, we are convinced a word of mouth sale, the best form of advertising!

We are booking a Market Stall in Abingdon for December 6th, again, we feel taking an innovative product to the public will have a greater success than newspaper advertising.

We are learning there are many downs and it does seem like a mountain to climb, keep on going, find out what helps you climb higher, abandon those big efforts that get you nowhere. We will report back with further news.

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