Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Grassroots Football goes to Wembley!!

As Dave Roberts and myself emerged from Wembley Park tube station into the shadow of the Wembley arch, the sun shone down on what turned out to be a great day for Just Do It guides Ltd.

We met with Ian Blanchard (Senior National Game Referee Manager) on 14th September at 2pm in a box overlooking the hallowed turf.

We chatted briefly about current footballing matters and then turned our attention to the Grassroots DVD and our plans for future productions. Mr Blanchard re-iterated how good he thought the DVD was and gave Just Do It Guides Ltd permission to use any of his quotes in any future sales campaigns related to it. He said he would also pass it onto the FA Learning department with a view to getting it fully endorsed.

The talk turned to our plans for a refereeing DVD to help potential referee's get an insight into what to expect if they wish to go through all of the relevant modules to becomming a qualified referee. From this we have now gained support from Mr Blanchard who told us he would even be willing to present the DVD and get us into academy games so that we can film candidates going through their paces.

We are also invited to a function that Ian Blanchard is hosting at the Oxfordshire FA where he is willing to introduce us to the members as a company that the FA are actively promoting and helping.

We left the meeting with more than we went into it with and also the promise of a further meeting with FA Learning once they have reviewed the DVD.

An historic day in the history of Just Do It Guides and one that will hopefully bring the company into the forefront of Educational DVD industry.

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